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At Least Get the Big Lie Straight

Donjindra Wrote: Dec 04, 2012 1:15 PM
Dear Comrade Ransom, I suppose only a "conservative" would scoff at a 10 percent reduction in our ridiculous debt. I've been "lecturing" on that debt since I voted for Reagan and Bush One. I was hoping they'd do something about it. But face facts. They did little. It's time to make the case to the American people that if they want a monster government and a monster military, they've got to pay for it. That doesn't mean the rich. That means everyone. Debt is a tax too, it's just takes longer to feel its whammy. And it hits the middle class hardest. So thanks for avoiding the issue.

Donjindra wrote: We're running huge deficits. Of course our tax bill will go up. It should go up. Do "conservatives" think there's a free-lunch? That money grows on trees? Apparently so. - Merry Christmas: This Tax Increase is for You, America

Dear Comrade Jindra,

OK, so now liberals are worried about the deficit? And you guys are lecturing the rest of us about fiscal responsibility and how money is created?

Typical tough talk from a group that can’t even pass a budget, yet alone balance one.

Here’s a good idea: Have your messiah present a plan to Congress that balances...