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Since Ms Fluke feels that we should pay for her sexual activities we should at least have a monthly report on her adventures in sexual freedom. triplicate.
Who could have any faith in someone who lies so much. I can't remember anything where he's told the truth except about fundamentally changing the country. He sure is putting effort into that.
I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's just plain rude and stupid.
I'm sick and tired of this ahole who pretends to be our president. This nonsense has to come to a stop or this country won't be recognizable before he leaves. he has no clue how to lead and uses his thuggery to rule. Immigration should be simple. Come through Ellis Island and learn to speak English. Get a job. Pay taxes as I'm tired of paying for those who don't.
A Ronald Reagan would put it: Barack, tear down this barricade.
Obama will look like a fool.
Why are picking on coal?
This could go along with Obamacide.
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