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Obamacare is not designed to be fixed. Sylvia looks like a man with a wig.
Follow the money. Money can make the biggest fool out of anybody.
If Donald Rumsfeld looks like a terrorist then Chris Matthews looks like an old used condom.
Wouldn't the warm, damp environment inside rubber gloves provide an excellent breeding ground for germs?
Actually Putin is doing us a favor by showing how vulnerable we have been made by 0bama.
I'm gonna run for Attorney General.
Whatever Obama says, believe the opposite.
Since Ms Fluke feels that we should pay for her sexual activities we should at least have a monthly report on her adventures in sexual freedom. triplicate.
Who could have any faith in someone who lies so much. I can't remember anything where he's told the truth except about fundamentally changing the country. He sure is putting effort into that.
I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He's just plain rude and stupid.
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