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I would like to know what exactly climate change is. I looked outside and the days are getting cooler and the leaves are turning color. Oh ... I just remembered that it does this every year. At least for the past seventy years that I know of.
Wasserman Shultz IS Anthony Weiner. Just a different hairdo.
0bama just stands there and says "I dunno" and blames everybody else. I used to have a business partner like that.
Is this meant to describe Hillary or Obama?
Maybe he can get it out of Bill and Hill's foundation.
This whole thing is diversion of the week to shadow the IRS scam. Obama has so many scams going it's hard to keep track.
Should I assume that a name change to the "Washington Brown Peckers" is not appropriate also?
Not only corruption but incompetent as well. I'm pretty well fed up with these .............. You know what I'm about to say.
She looks like a pink elephant in that outfit.
He's telling you what you want to hear. Time will tell if he really means it.
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