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No, not blood tests, but enforcement of an oath of loyalty by naturalized citizens. Detected sentiments of loyalty to a country that would supercede loyalty to the U.S.A. would result in a loss of citizenship rights. This must be Constitutionally permissible somehow. I suppose that Michelle O. would be exempt, since she was a citizen at birth.
Rubio has no record of achievement. I think he is an opportunist. But I don't get his point as an opportunist, since next, if he is considering a presidential run, he must get a change of the Constitution, so that those that are not natural-born citizens can run for president.
Writer Mitchell gets it right finally about right-to-work laws; "They’re a form of intervention that partially compensates for other forms of intervention." He should have emphasized "partially."
Yes, I hope that it is "good riddance" to Rove, Weber, and that ilk of Republican opportunists.
A good article, but I think it misses the point of the need to work for coalition with the Tea movement, et.al, since it fails to mention other "stars" of the movement. By failing to do so, it seems that there is just a different flavor of GOP elitism that the writer brings into play. It seems to me that Reagan himself would not look to marginalize (even demonize) a populist libertarian/conservative movement, as it appears is the case with present-day Reagan "elitists."
Good comments here, Don't Tread on Me3. I agree.
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