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FINALLY!!!!.... This President has the "Hutzpah" to slap back at Issa and his band of merry men in their quest to embarrass the President, this has nothing to do with Holder!.. Its all about Obama, you know it, I know it, and the rest of the country and world knows it. Suck egg's Issa you got "NOTHING"....
48% view him unfavorably right?...soooo.. what about the other 52% Katie?..
Its not over by along shot Birdman.
Really?? more gross than watching your spouse getting undressed?
Radio host Micheal Smerconish stated today that Walker won by lst than 220k votes AND outspent his democratic rival nearly 10 to 1 during the campaign, 66% of Walkers donations came from outside the state of Wisconsin.
Scotty boy only won by lest than 220k votes hardly a "Devastating" victory as told by Limbaugh and gang, enjoy the bonus check Scotty boy.
This is a great win for the Koch Bro's, Gov Walker is going to recieve a huge bonus check from the Bro's come Christmas time, spend it wisely Scotty.
Cub Scout is more like it..
Marine's Dad huh? shame on you for lying about your child.
Leavitt is a "Good" man I agree with that, but, he also is a man that profits off of Obamacare which is something we "don't" like.
Jason your the one being silly son, there are still Conservatives out there that will absolutely not vote for Romney because he is a fake.
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