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Exactly what your wife does on a regular basis when your on her.
hey have tried to force this man from office since day one!.. He should have fought back against them on day one instead of playing "Joe Cool". Now in his final months in office, if I were him I would throw the kitchen sink at their flat narrow butt's and than do everything I know to embarrass them. He knws he's toast in Nov, so what! bring the fight to them and bring it hard.
Again, You Far Right and Far Left on here are doing yourselves a great disservice with this F&F nonsense. This is a battle between the Conservative in Washington and President Obama, Holder is nothing more than a pawn in this game that was started the first day of Obama's presidency.
About as long as your streetwalker!!!
John who????.... Yeah he's a "JOHN" alright...
Oh Please.... Spare me that nosense will ya!!.. From day one they have tried to embarrass this man and anyone associated with him. From day one!!.. I don't care whether you right or left sometimes enough is enough and your going to fight back.
If the former President and his men recieved no jail time for things they did, neither does this president and his appointees deserve it.
FINALLY!!!!.... This President has the "Hutzpah" to slap back at Issa and his band of merry men in their quest to embarrass the President, this has nothing to do with Holder!.. Its all about Obama, you know it, I know it, and the rest of the country and world knows it. Suck egg's Issa you got "NOTHING"....
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