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Romney Responds to Leaving ‘Afghanistan’ Out of Speech

Dondi Wrote: Sep 09, 2012 5:10 PM
Romney is saying he will close tax loopholes for the 1% in this country... the very same 1% that is flooding his campaign with cash to put him in office. Obama has said the same thing Romney did and the top 1% were screaming bloody mary on him, so you know this is not gonna go over good with McConnell and gang.

Mitt Romney was criticized across the aisle for not specifically mentioning the war in Afghanistan during his acceptance speech at the RNC. He did, however, mention the the military in more general terms:

"His trillion dollar cuts to our military will eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs, and also put our security at greater risk. ... Everywhere I go, there are monuments ... for those who have given their lives for America. There is no mention of their race, their party affiliation, or what they did for a living. (APPLAUSE) They lived and died under a single...