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Mostly the thing I like about Arizona is that it is a long way away from my state of Connecticut.
Something in the 2nd Amendment about a well regulated militia comes to mind when bodyguards for the president and members of congress are mentioned. We aren't against appropriate military and police use of eapons, but where do you get the idea that Lanza and some of the other mass shooters were a well regulated militia.
What country is that, June?
Horse hockey, as they used to say on MASH. Of course the Health Care laws WERE and the gun control laws WILL be debated in public.
The Republicans are afraid to have a strict up or down vote. Even if the anti gun control people win, the voters will know that the Rethugs, almost to a person, were on the anti gun control side. That can't be good for them in 2014 and 2016
Facts NEVER matter to conservatives/Republicans.
Answer to your question, Duke, is he broke 27 laws (killed his mother, 20 childen, and 6 Sandy Hook staff members). Laws that kept a gun or guns away from him might have saved all those folks.
Who is hiding behind the children and women in bring the families of Newtown to Washington? There wre all kinds of people hurt in the various massacres done by gun nuts...not just womenand children , whichis what happened at Newtown, but there were many men who died in the countless slaughters like at Tuscon, Aurorra, and other places.
Be the fist smart thing Boehner ever did.
Don't be surprised if the House does "cave in" to the Senate and the President---after all 2014 looms nearby for ALL of them.
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