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OK to Feel Sorry

Don Carlson Wrote: Jan 23, 2014 1:10 AM
Thank you, Dr. Williams. I for one can use a little comforting pity these days. And you may have some consideration from me, seeing that you have taken principled stands that cause many Americans to revile you unjustly. And thanks for your courage.
The present resident of the white House cannot--and nows he cannot--compete with the late but living presidents. He does not want to be reminded of great past leaders next to whom he becomes pale indeed.
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Student Indoctrination

Don Carlson Wrote: Sep 19, 2013 1:03 AM
Thank you, Mr. Williams. I live in a predominately black neighborhood where the children are not served well by the schools, but it is mostly because the children are not prepared for school, and their parents are unable to help them understand what they need to learn or how to learn. The parents are either immigrants or people educated in the same old fashion and who had parents like themselves. The parents need to be taught along with their children. Instead of the usual childcare facilities and jails that pass for schools, we need a place parents and children can go 2 or 3 hours every weekday to learn together the culture and skills they have been deprived of most of their lives and, I must say, mostly because they and we are stuck with the very old and condescending notion of the public school.
We dread to see the advances in public policy under Nanny DiBlasio. It may be we will miss the present mayor in a year or two. Of course only conservatives miss Giuliani. New Yorkers, whoever they may be, long ago surrendered their city to union/leftist politics. The city cannot drag itself out of the welfare swamp the unions and the elite of the left have created. Now we are only a few strikes and a handful of riots short of Detroit-time. That will come right after DiBlasio goes after the supposedly destructive monsters of Wall Street, and then handcuffs the police.
In a pinch any progressive/liberal administration will alter the rules to achieve the political ends of their favorite programs. This is but one of the instances of liberals engineering the failure of lawful government in order to forward their collectivist agenda. Obamacare and the many political exceptions made to it to benefit Obama's cronies, is a paradigm of the corruption that comes wholesale with self-aggrandizing narcissism.
Thank you, Ms. Parker, for finding a way to say once again what must be said over and over until someone listens. Unfortunately, the leftist agenda requires that there be multiple victim pools to provide the votes to keep the agenda going. Mr. Obama has been buying votes for 5 years--with dollars and promises of dollars and power. The dollars will vanish as they are counted. The power will turn to impotence as the bureaucracies grow in immensity. At the end, there will be nothing to steal, nothing to share, and nothing to hope for--if Americans of all colors do not awake to the responsibilities of liberty.
Ms. Parker is right in all her points about important values and in her outline of the good life that was once possible in the United States. We may tolerate ways that are repugnant to the majority, but we should not have to suppress our personal choices and religious principles to placate an abusive government. Nor should we have to pretend acceptance of that which is strange. It is intolerable that what is not normal has been vaunted as normal by a radical, liberal minority, and foisted upon school children, too.
It is hard to understand how "stop and frisk" could be constitutional. It is hard to see how it can survive. If abusive police tactics are all that stand between New Yorkers and murder and mayhem, perhaps New York City should revise its attitude toward an armed citizenry.
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Obama Loses the New York Times

Don Carlson Wrote: Jun 07, 2013 9:58 AM
The New York Times will occasionally stop and yap at its leader, but he will never lose its fidelity. Wait a moment and you will see the New York Times stand on its hind paws and vault through its the boss's hoop. For those seeking the utopian state there are ultimately no unjust means.
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E.W. Jackson and the Republican Party

Don Carlson Wrote: May 27, 2013 7:08 AM
Every day I thank heaven for people like Star Parker who have brains and the spirit to use them. I've been a defender of the individual's freedom since I was eight years old, but I've never been a Republican--first, because I've never felt the urge to join; but also because the principles of our founding require reflection more than noise. Not that I don't value discussion, but our conversations need to take place in congregations small enough for each member to have a chance to ask and answer. At this moment in America's history we have a party in office that despises original American principles, and an opposing party that is often confused about what it represents. We who read the conservative blogs and online magazines are patriots and we do not need a name badge to go with our faith in the Constitution. We need to be outspoken about our faith. We need to refuse to accept the rule of the amoral ideas of the perfect people on the left who seem determined to make Americans perfect copies of themselves. We need to refuse to accept a diminished idea of America and a declining American future. We should follow Ms. Parker's example and make ourselves heard.
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