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Is that the only thought you have? It must be as you've posted it over and over.
Beat me to it, I don't care if it's name calling flat stupid is flat stupid, no wonder Ransom trashes this troll regularly.
Well, last cycle when about 4 million libertarians and disgusted conservatives didn't vote the punishment was 4 more years of barry.
The arrogance of some of the comments here is astounding, ISIS is far from weak, they are well funded and well armed, things they TOOK when we weren't there to stop them, and they have apparently more knowledge on fighting a 'guerilla' style campaign, it makes sense for them to call on 'lone wolves', all the better to confuse and demoralize. And they do this knowing our beloved leaders won't really put the effort in to stop them, all the tough talk and bravado are for nothing while they keep making advances in their objective, here's an idea, let's stop talking tough and really 'put a boot in their a $ $', sigh, I know we have to wait until we get an actual leader first and yeah, I know America is capable of 'walking the walk' but for crying out loud save your game day b.s. about how we're going to kick their butts and let's actually do it.
And act like. . ., maybe they are?
4.73 inches, wasn't it?
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How Far Away Can Skynet Be?

Donald6189 Wrote: Sep 14, 2014 8:35 AM
No, he'll do what he always does on Ransoms columns, he'll happily (but mindlessly) burble the union mantra line for line without reality ever intruding into it.
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Voter Fraud and the Loss of Pretense

Donald6189 Wrote: Sep 13, 2014 8:29 AM
Agreed, it's not enough to know you have the right to vote, it's also knowing what you're voting for.
What's 'skewed' is what passes for a brain in your echo chamber of a skull.
Obamacare is working? Where? Not even a 'nice try' just more troll spew.
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