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“I think people forget that we’ve lived in the White House for six years,” Oh no Michelle, we haven't forgotten, we'd like to but we haven't. So, when I'm in a store, any store let alone Target, and someone asks me if I could get something off a shelf because they can't reach it, I'm to be offended? Nope, wait, I'm white, guess it doesn't matter.
Funny how upsetting a potbellied Stalinist wannabe didn't stop the South Park guys, Hans Brix aw no!
You've got that right, usually before the national primaries are done the ONE has already been selected by the media and those of us who know the poison of the left are supposed to hold our noses and 'vote the lesser evil', I know I'm tired of that dance.
Hey Jeb! Mexico could use a good president, I'm sure you'd be GREAT for them, but so you know, I personally have had enough of the 'progressive' movement, it keeps pushing Americans back.
If you're going to 'speak truth to power', shouldn't you use, you know, the TRUTH?
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How Alcohol Changed History

Donald6189 Wrote: Dec 15, 2014 5:20 PM
I guarantee barry doesn't brew his own, someone else does and the recipe most likely was taken from somebody else.
Actually, the b.s. didn't show up until you did.
Her mouth says 'no' but her 'libs' say YES! Run Fauxcohontas Run! If for no other reason than comedic value.
What business do you run Dale?
"If it saves one American life" ironically is the argument used by liberals every time they enact a policy, no matter what it is, yet try using that argument when it comes to defending America and you get shrill shout downs.
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