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LBJ didn't start it, he just continued what Woodrow Wilson put into play.
You apparently are though.
Do you think Nazi Pelousy would love to have these cute little munkin's come home with her?
Perhaps you didn't understand, they ARE getting the money they 'need', and they're mismanaging it, what this REALLY is about is getting around Congress on other budget items by creating crisis and then responding to them by saying 'we need more money to fix the problem', then spend the money on other wish list items the Dem's have but know Congress won't allow the right way.
Clearly the phone is 'smarter' than you are.
Perchance you should check a dictionary.
Ok, 'freedomist' we get it, you're a 'libertarian', and you think if Ron Paul sh!ts it should be bronzed and immortalized, that doesn't make you anything but a zombie enthralled by a man which makes you no better than a BHO zealot.
"That's why conservatives are wrong when they suggest more border guards will solve this crisis". It sure as hell will help Jonah.
Empty heads require no flushing.
Which country was that troll? And by fixed do you mean you have left us with a campaigner? Because whatever barry is doing right now leading isn't it.
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