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You mean Algorezeera right Daft?
David, how long did it take for the Europeans to do what their doing now? And you make me laugh with your comment about barry bombing them, where's your proof he's doing anything but talk David? What, you heard it on the news so therefore it must be? You are a dope.
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With Friends Like These

Donald6189 Wrote: Feb 27, 2015 9:11 PM
Wait a second mr. paul, let's just review Boehner's history, he's got a record of talking tough right up to the second he caves, I don't care what you use as an excuse for his lack of a spine he's as big a weasel as McConnell and any Democrat you can name, and exactly where did Elucidate defend a Democrat or Obama? You ask me the brain deficit isn't on Elucidated's end.
With all due respect Mr. Limbaugh, this is going to 'cost' him how? We don't have anyone in the Republican party in a 'leadership' position who will even muster the testicular fortitude to stand against him, and those who do are marginalized and punished, so again I ask, how is he going to be made to account for his lawlessness?
How about explaining your position to someone you aren't sarcastically arguing with Mark? I periodically read these posts and all I've seen in any thing you've posted could be best described as cryptic and demeaning, is that all you have to offer or are you willing share what you seem to think you have to offer?
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Dear Mitch

Donald6189 Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 6:09 PM
With all due respect Derek I don't think the name you wanted to call Mr. McConnell begins with 'M', I'm pretty sure it's a 'B'.
I believe you are just 'tired' of being outed on what is the truth, liberals DO engage in moral equivalency all the time, maybe you need to re read the article.
You've yet to say anything close to rational let alone verifiably true bs, but you're a troll so the only thing you're really after is attention, but I've spared you all I'm going to with this so you keep babbling, it's really all your doing.
Better check what your gripping b.s., you want to talk of 'thin straws', can you tell me when those predicting the weather 10 to 100 years out have been even remotely correct 12 hours in advance over the last couple years? You are as big a fraud as barry and the climate clowns at the U(seless). N(incompoops).
How about when barry said 'if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor'? It's a little hard for me to take anyone with b.s. in their name seriously, even more so when I read the lame commentary.
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