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Soros Trolls Hit Bottom of Barrel

Donald581 Wrote: Feb 06, 2014 11:25 PM
Lets take a closer look at this stage of events. Obama-care, It was designed to fail and failing it is. It will fail with no help of the GOP., the voters will see to it. Immigration is up for grabs Obama is promising them the Moon, the GOP has to go along with it just to get some of the Votes to regain the Senate. The Elite GOP do not care either way as they have been RAPING the taxpayer forever. They will shoot down the Tea Party choice's. because they will be more honest than the Elites.
Sagebush you have topped all who have tried to say what a huge failure Obama really is. I doubt that there will be a better explanation than yours My hat is off to you!!!
My question is did any of the Whitehouse Staff happen to go to Egypt with a large briefcase.???
I cannot think of any mumber of good things about hillary but i have a list of 42 people that died on bilhil watch form way back most of these deaths were "unusal ,like the woman who shot herselfe in the BACK of her head ??? the list goes on and on, more than any Vegas odds maker would back as a good bet. Roll your vote and take your chances HUMM not me.
It makes little difference as the Illeagles have all they need and many will go to Nevada ,Texas to get their guns. Most so called Californians are from other States and probaly have their father's guns. I lived in CA. since1949, I have had my guns since 1973. I have not had to use them as yet but the day that bum$hit sends his goons tthey can have them SLOWLY.
maybe it could be that the american people would get their head out of their a$$'$
It's a 50/50 chance as to who is lying because both are Muslims and the koran dictates they mustt lie to christians.
As Hillary said "what's the difference? well with a list of 42 "casuties" with the team of bil&hil 4 more do not make much difference to her now doe's it?
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Eat More Venison: The Deer Meat Diet

Donald581 Wrote: Jan 13, 2014 9:19 PM
My Grandfater after divorcing my Grandmother took a young women up into the Mountains. They raised 10 children on what they Hunted and raised in a garden. The kids never wore store bought shoes until the eldest went to War (WWII). Talk about your Pioneers, that was them. Before we get rid of the Traitors in U.S.A. there will be millions of city folk starveing to death!!!!. P.S. The Edldest was a many times over Decorated Hero.
I as a life long Tool & Diemaker in my life time have trained many young men in the T&D trade. I will state that the pot smokers would work great until the 1st break (joint-break) the work they did after the break HAD TO BE REWORKED. So forgive me if iI do not buy into the saying's that POT does not effect you BRAIN!!!
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2013 Guns Sales Set New Record

Donald581 Wrote: Jan 07, 2014 8:32 PM
As a Marine I was told bring back that B.A.R. along with whae ever they had. You take one of them out you take their weapon, so much for not having enough ammo. There are more hunters in U.S.A. than there are Demorats that will go toe to toe with the real men.
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