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Little do the people coming to America that are running away fro aggressive government that they will be subject to the same things they left behind . Barry will see to it ,even if we do flip the Senate it will make little difference, the LEFT will destroy as much as the possibly can before the TOTAL collapse of America. So the is no free lunch for these millions of free=loaders but barry needs them for his agenda. God Help us.
Bus them to the White House Rose Garden and let barry take care of them. What will the White House Police shoot them like they did to that women???
On one hand the White Housed is demanding that this deserter be given all of the chance to explain his actions, BUT on the other hand barry passed a Law that allows you or me to be incarcerated with no warrant no lawyer just sit and rot . Like it vote democrat again!!!!. You Can Keep your VOTE !!!!!
some one actually released the scum. Put their feet to the fire to name names and hold an impeachment trail. This is a traitorous act. Even though Obama can not be impeached because he is not an American he can go to prison as an conspirator.
"Barry" oops I forgot to tell congress about it I was in a hurry to get to the golf course!!
No it was just what a card carrying Islamic traitor would do!!!!
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Wait… Does Anyone Remember the VA?

Donald581 Wrote: Jun 05, 2014 1:44 PM
todays services are voluntary. Before there was the DRAFT. When Drafted We had no choice. When Volunteering we entered into an agreement as to our needs. over time the needs for some became expensive, others not. The corruption within both the VA and The government began to emerge. All it meant is that the Government was trying to cut expenses so they could STEAL more of the taxpayers money. The taxpayers respected the Services that our men and women died and were wounded, but the Totalitarian government were too GREEDY. case closed.
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Obama Reassures Japan on China

Donald581 Wrote: Apr 24, 2014 4:42 PM
I always thought Japan and China were people that looked at Americans with distrust. I do not think they will believe the Lair in Chief for a minute and will counter any deal that will safeguard their investment and will cost WE THE PEOPLE and enrich en the Crooked White House
In 1983 I as a Tool and die maker with 35 years of experience became an instructor at L.A Trade Tech. The Class was to train people in CNC ( Computer Controlled Machining) machining . It was called JPTA (Job Partnership Training Act) between the state ,union's, and the government. I had 55 students that were supplied with tools food and rent money. There were about 5 out of the class of 55 that wanted to learn the trade the rest were bottom feeders. most of them sold their tool boxes for drug money. One woman turned down a joy for $17.00 just to show up, the company had to have her to get the Govmt. contract. Her drug pusher was one of the Students. I complained to no good came out it. I then resigned at went back to the private sector. Any time the 3 BIG noise's get to get on a program . It Is a SHAM.
McCain is trying to start a War that means Ecconomy will go thru the roof , just like Roosevelt during WWII. Rossevelt in 1938 In the Merchant Marine Act pit in the COST PLUS ACT. If it cost a $1000.00 to build a weapon the MFG. could chare the tax payer $1500.00. The rich get richer and the Taxper pays for the rest of his life (slavery). Obama has our service men digging latrinessfor KENYA schoolgirls, just how much of this (nose-rubbing-in-it) will the REAL AMERICANS take before they get up on their hind legs and fight back?
If you keep posting like that people will think you have became unhinged, but we know that humor is the best medicine for Obamacare . The whole world is laughing at us NOT WITH US.
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