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In 1983 I as a Tool and die maker with 35 years of experience became an instructor at L.A Trade Tech. The Class was to train people in CNC ( Computer Controlled Machining) machining . It was called JPTA (Job Partnership Training Act) between the state ,union's, and the government. I had 55 students that were supplied with tools food and rent money. There were about 5 out of the class of 55 that wanted to learn the trade the rest were bottom feeders. most of them sold their tool boxes for drug money. One woman turned down a joy for $17.00 just to show up, the company had to have her to get the Govmt. contract. Her drug pusher was one of the Students. I complained to no good came out it. I then resigned at went back to the private sector. Any time the 3 BIG noise's get to get on a program . It Is a SHAM.
McCain is trying to start a War that means Ecconomy will go thru the roof , just like Roosevelt during WWII. Rossevelt in 1938 In the Merchant Marine Act pit in the COST PLUS ACT. If it cost a $1000.00 to build a weapon the MFG. could chare the tax payer $1500.00. The rich get richer and the Taxper pays for the rest of his life (slavery). Obama has our service men digging latrinessfor KENYA schoolgirls, just how much of this (nose-rubbing-in-it) will the REAL AMERICANS take before they get up on their hind legs and fight back?
If you keep posting like that people will think you have became unhinged, but we know that humor is the best medicine for Obamacare . The whole world is laughing at us NOT WITH US.
The Senate has its Rino's too so the only way too go is to vote out the Rino's in the Senate. It will take 10 years or more to DRAIN THE SWAMP of doth Demorats and Rino's. Vote independent types every time the Elitee come up for Reelection, they are as bad as Obama.
So some of the Insurence company's are not waiting for Obama to tell them when to drop you.OUCH!!, that was the Dems runnig for reelection. Obama just threw them under the Buse. He is talking about stealing our social Security, HMM don't black senions have social security, SSI and other thing that he can steal from them . Looks like his base is evaporateing. When I came to understand just what was instore for me under the Democratic watch I was only 13 years old, now I am 86, they did not have me fooled for 1 minute. We will have to work together all RACES to rebuild America and make some new laws about who can hold government offices. But first will will have to DRAIN THE SWAMP IN DC that is KILLING America
Ok so we eliminate all guns because over the danger of a lunitic killining 20-30 children Right. Tell me how man guns did The Nut job Jones use to kill 100's None Gun s do not jump up and kill people all by them selves. Gheck out the Muslin nousqes, there will be an arsenal, Obama just put handcuffs on the ICE cops and the Border patrol. You are about to lose every thing you have ever had including your own self-respect for being so Stupid. There will be NO November Election. By then the Riots will start and Obana will call for Marshall Law and the DOJ will jail you in a heartbeat.
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It’s the President, Stupid

Donald581 Wrote: Mar 06, 2014 2:33 PM
I have posted for years that Obama is a Muslin and is out to destroy America. Also that our congress is being Blackmailed for past Crooked deals with the Demorats. THE ONLY THING I CAN ADD NOW IS "I TOLD YOU SO' stupid people!!!!!!
10,000 comedians out of work and up pops "Darby " with a zinger. LOL
IDP You must have a short memory as to the power of all of the DEAD people that will Vote in November. In some states The population were raised by 20% making total votes were 120 % of the city,s population. Acorn is already beating the bush,s and copying election polls list ETC. November will be a repeat of 2012. We cannot play fair and beat the Demorats, they have way to much to lose. That is why barry is going after the Republican goveners.
the simple and effective way to beat barry at his own game," bummer-care" is for the small business owner is to make their employees % PARTNERS, their wages would become a variable PERCENTAGE of the total PROFITS. There would be NO employees for the BUMMER-CARE to TAX.
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