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IRS Cries 'Budget'!

Donald581 Wrote: Jan 06, 2015 8:54 PM
Cheer up IRS the best is yet to come when every one finds out there is no gold in Fort Knox and no one told barry about it he had to hear about it on the 19th hole.
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Get off Steve Scalise’s Case

Donald581 Wrote: Jan 05, 2015 4:55 PM
Now that dirty harry cannot feild every bill the house sends to the senate Bone-heah the weeper would have to play much sirtyer than useual, like the Ommiou bill. Less than12 congress vote on it for bthe WEEPER and that was a show of hands so they can all say "Who me oh no". Bone-head snuck it in after the rest of the Congress whent home for Thurkey, but bone-head is the bigest turukey. Hope they vote this scum out.
I have had dogs for most of my life so when I say that peta is wrong on this I know what I am talking about. Dogs will die before they will let any harm come to their love ones. I quess Peta gets perks ala barry and his 40 theives. Perta does not need MY money and they will not get it anymore.
About another year or so and there will be no GOODIES for the POOR babbies who cannot get out of their oun way and Then they will REALLY have something to CRY about poor babbies.
Now we have all 3 of the most dangerous things in the world. A Black with the right to vote ,a Mexican with a driver's license and a homo with a broken tooth, way to go America!!!
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Senator Coburn’s Final Report

Donald581 Wrote: Jan 02, 2015 4:23 PM
That is exactly why I do not donate to alot of these phonies. I remember when my ship dock in N.Y. the RED CROSS was charging $5 for coffee and donuts from the Service men comming back from Germany. Now when my phone rings and someone is asking for a donation I say " Forward this call to barry". Sleep on America I have been awake since WWII. You bottom feeders will have to find another way very soon!!
How about Rand for prez and cruz for VP?? what or the rules for VP's???. With Cruz Backing up Rand The Dem's would all run for cover!!!
Raped is only actual if the women do not get a paaing grade.
Will California still remain the top "Daddy" state when we get the next shipment of Obama voters (by the Bus load). I se many familys moving out since (moon-bean) took over AGAIN!!! Go figure.
Boy after the beating in the midterm elections the looney left is running scared so much they have to grab a few WWII guns. I can defeat these demorats with a ping pong paddle.
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