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The Chevy Volt: Another Obama Green Investment Loses a Billion

Donald512 Wrote: Sep 12, 2012 2:05 PM
First, the thing is way over priced at the $40,000 they are selling it for. Second, I can get a much better quality vehicle from one of the Japanese makers and spend $ 15,000 less. No, I won't be able to go 35 miles on an electric charge, but that doesn't matter. With the Volt losing $49,000 on every sale we, as owners, should be telling GM management to find a better way to get a hybrid on the market. Yoyota, Honda, Ford and others have all figured out how to do it at lkess than $ 90,000. Chrysler is the one who hasn't figured it out at all yet - they don't even offer a hybrid. But once obama said Fiat could buy them what do we expect.

This is getting redundant.

If you want investment losses for tax purposes, Barack Obama is your guy.

Now, if the country could only figure out how to write off the five trillion dollars we’ve lost during his presidency. As the man said: A billion here and a billion there, and pretty soon were talking about Barack Obama.     

Readers of my column know that there are few things that I dislike more than the Chevy Volt. I don’t like the inflated claims that government-corporate elites make about it; I don’t like that it costs more than a normal car to keep...

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