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Obama: "The Joke's on You"

Donald512 Wrote: Jun 21, 2012 10:31 AM
The only reason the unemployment numbers have gone down is because those who are 60 and older that can't find jobs have gone on social security. So, I guess in reality the unemployment numbres are still up over 9% by their count and probably 20+% if you figure in those who aren't eligible for unemployment.
He has such great speech writers he can make you believe almost anything. Problem is that too many bought the fallacy in 2008 and look where we are now. He blames everybody but his own failed policies, he's spending like he has an unlimited bank account and he really does believe he can spread the wealth around. He is the most business unfriendly "president" we have ever had and his policies toward business show it. How many more jobs will go overseas? How may more will be lost because of his economic policies? How long before our debt rating is reduced again? Somehow, someway, this goof ball and his cronies have to go - we just simply c annot afford them any longer. OMG = obama must go
Amazing for a guy who claims to be saving jobs. This is just another step in his plan to get things his way and to destroy thid ountry even more than he already has. obama is a loser, an idiot, a non-leader and is anything but Pro-America. He MUST go, this country cannot afford 4 more years of his freedom eroding policies.
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They Call Him Comrade

Donald512 Wrote: Apr 22, 2012 6:28 PM
But you also have to remember most of obama's appointees were tax evaders. They just didn't pay despite their owing.
And the number one reason - they all own stock in defense contractors. Eliminate the wasteful spending, you eliminate part of their wealth.
Until this narcissistic loser gets voted out things will not change much. His policies, lack of initiative and intelligence, has done nothing. His policies, when you look at them, are really designed to bring this country down, not up, and he is succeeding. Housing starts down, unemployment still up, gas prices up 210% snce he took office, taxes going up, GM still owes $ 25 Billion and has not restored employment to pre-bail out levels yet their executives are raking in millions in salary and bonus. The auto industry lost 425,000 job s and has only restored 200,000 jobs - this administration prefers to call this "creating 200,000 jobs" (I don't know how you create what you had and lost but in obama's mindset it works for him).
Example $ 5, legalization for over 1 Million illegal immigrants. # 6, his constant fighting anything that is aimed at stemming the number of illegal immigrants in this country. # 7, paying off Afghanistan victims of US soldier shooting while ignoring the US Military families of those shot by the Muslim major at Ft. Hood. # 7, his obamanation reform of healthcare. # 8, restriction of free speech under Federal Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act. Let's face it, the only thing that is really unconstitutional in his eyes - Oops, nothing. From our side his whole term in office should be decalred unconstitutional. It has stepped on our rights from day 1.
If this administration claims things are turning around and companyies are hiring then why is it that everyday we learn another major corporation is permanently laying off or eliminating __% of it's work force. It seems if things are as good as this do nothing, know nothing, self satisfying administration says they are then we would be hearing companies are in creasing their work force by __ %. I don't care what the media says, things are no where near as good as they say or are told they are. Problem is that main stream media loves obama (God only knows why anybody with even a1/4 of a brain would love this yahoo) and avoids any negative press about him. Why do you think we haven't heard about all is backdoor dealings in the press?
You forgot narcissism. This is what obama is all about!
I would take anything over obama. He has gone above and beyond when it comes do betraying this country. He negotiates with terrorists, gives 1 million illegal aliens a fast track to legalization, forces a very expensive (Iand hopefully unconstitutional) healthcare bill down our throats, takes away our free speech rights, wastes tax payer money via Solyndra, GM and Chrysler (GM still owes $ 25 Billion while Chrsler is now European owned and putting out the 4 worst quality nameplates in the undustry), puts his left hand over his right chest for the national anthem (michelle did the same), wants to take from everyone and give to those who haven't earned it, disguises taxes as "fees", bows to muslim leaders, pays Afghan victims of soldiers...
And he's doing all he can including giving 1 million illegal aliens a fast track to legalization. This is not only ridiculous but is also anti-0american and slaps those who came here and EARNED citizenship. obama, you are a complete and otal idiot with no regard whatsoever for this country.
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