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The Collision of Two Runaway Trains

Donald103 Wrote: Oct 21, 2012 10:11 PM
Could it be that the seeming hatred by the secularists against Christians is that having a group around who have standards (that many if not most Christians do not honor en toto) interferes with the "anything goes" idea of the secularists. What have Christians done that is so bad? Did they promote policies that facilitated the destruction of the black family (and many poor white families)? Did they promote the killing of so many unborn babies? When does personhood begin? It is my view that the radical Islamists want to destroy the West, especially the USA and some of our leaders seem also to want to destroy the USA. So, in a way, they have the same goal. One group from without (and within) and the other group within.
I am currently on an around-the-globe trip, going from the West Coast, to Down Under, Singapore, London, and then home again.

From the vantage point of this journey, the one striking and overwhelming image I get is of two runaway trains moving in opposite directions. And yet, in some strange way, they are about to cause a global collision.

Let me explain.

On one train, Islamists are violently demanding that the West bow to them as they seek to take the world back to the Arabian dark ages of the 7th century.

On the other, humanists,...