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Can People or Corporations Have Too Much Cash?

Donald103 Wrote: Feb 15, 2013 10:16 AM
Cash may not produce much interest when deposited in a CD, but even though the interest will not cover inflation or the income tax on the interest, it is better than getting nothing as I did with Regions and AIG. Many years ago an article by The Institute of Economic Research pointed out that real estate could lose value, bonds could lose value, stocks could lose value and put out the statement, "Stand still, little sheep, to be sheered." At that then the only possible defense was the ballot. But the low information, never worked, illegal voters have diluted that defense. Donald W. Bales

Is it possible to have too much cash for your own good?

I believe the average 7th grader would easily recognize the inherent absurdity of such a question. However, the average economic writer does not understand what the average 7th grader does.

For example, please consider Apple isn't the only company with too much cash on CNN Money by author Paul La Monica.

Issuing preferred shares that pay a big dividend may not be the best use of...

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