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Yesterday the Maui News on the front page said 7.2 million, today it was shown as less than 3 million and the count is going down as the payers are counted. Audit the FED and impeach o. P.S. The Maui News has said nothing about this new count, not surprising. Maui is for Ron Paul, we won the caucus and the Maui News said Romney won. I was there for the count, we won, his name was never mentioned on this one newspaper island.
Darby, full of it...
Joe is asleep at the wheel, it would make much more sense to say that those against pot and for alcohol would say, "don't confuse me with facts, my mind is already made up". I suspect he is just making up these long term studies about pot. Search "German 2nd hand smoke airline tests". There you will see some real 10 year tests that have already been done.
Joe didn't destroy the hemp argument because it will replace and destroy big oil, that's the reason it's illegal. Joe mentioned the Vietnam War, what's that a 12 year war with the gov't making money on the war and protecting opium. And he calls pot a nail in the coffin. Sean, thanks for bringing up my rights. Stay away from my body as long as it's not hurting anyone. Gov't funded health care will get a boot on the neck, impeach him. No one else should ever have to pay for someone eases poor choice.
I'm a Libertarian and I say it fits just fine. You Liberals should try it not just say "I knew someone.."
Jose Guerena was innocent, his life was ended, Family of Jose Guerena, Former Marine Killed By SWAT Team, To Receive $3.4 Million. Schiessl added that the raiding cops should count themselves fortunate to be alive. "This team is lucky they encountered a disciplined, trained Marine who knew to hold his fire," Schliessl said.
That window was closed in the 60's by big oil who stood to lose a lot if hemp, our biggest ever money crop were ever to be legal again. I never saw anyone hurt by pot and I don't buy that it's a gateway drug.
The word "spirits" used to be reserved for "the spirit of wine" paints and ammonia water was called the "spirits of hartshorn". Today "hard spirits" and "hard liquor" need the word "hard" to mean higher proof. Is brandy "hard"?
Finally, the voice of reason.
I think an alcoholic is much more likely to cause an accident than a pot smoker, a pot smoker can always walk a straight line. I knew someone would finally make a connection between alcohol and liberals, libertarians and pot. Edward, don't confuse drugs with pot. Drugs and alcohol are dangerous to others.
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