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49 Headless, Handless, Feetless Bodies Found in.....

Don906 Wrote: May 14, 2012 11:22 PM
Drop the sarcasm Katie, I get enough from liars. “Comforting to know the Obama administration helped fuel this war by sending thousands of AK-47s and .50-caliber rifles directly to cartel hands through Operation Fast and Furious. And no, they haven’t apologized yet."

Forty-nine headless bodies were found dumped by the side of the road in Syria, Iran, Afghanistan,  Mexico over the weekend as the drug war being ignored in our neighboring country continues to be ignored.

Forty-nine bodies with their heads, hands and feet hacked off were found Sunday dumped on a northern Mexico highway leading to the Texas border in what appeared to be the latest carnage in an escalating war between Mexico’s two dominant drug cartels.

Local and federal authorities discovered the bodies before dawn scattered in a pool of blood at the entrance...