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America is Greece

Marhefka Wrote: Jul 03, 2012 8:24 PM
Thanks for the reply Oldschool7. Let's take a real simple situation. The Fed sells me some Treasury notes at 3%. Then they pay me interest. The interest could have been used for a government expense but instead they must pay it to me. I don't see how that devalues our currency.

As the world watched the Greek elections, I thought to myself, why should I care about a country whose population is around 11 million and is in debt for 350 billion?

Then it hit me, America is a country with a population of more than 360 million, with a national debt of nearly 16 trillion. All of a sudden I began to worry because if the world is waiting with baited breath to see the how a tiny country like Greece handles its election in midst of economic turmoil, I can only imagine what the world is...

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