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Obama's College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’

Don7992 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 9:54 AM
It's the motive for hiding the grades that is in question. Bad grades are not at the heart of concern for Obama's history. It is his agenda. No one ever worried that McCain was deliberately trying to destroy our nation. Maybe you choose not to notice the difference in your knee-jerk "gotcha" reaction?

Normally I don't give a rip about the "I know something you don't know about Obama" story, but this one is absolutely fascinating. Wayne Root over at the Blaze penned this beauty. Here's a how he concludes:

Why are the college records, of a 51-year-old President of the United States, so important to keep secret? I think I know the answer.

If anyone should have questions about Obama’s record at Columbia University, it’s me. We both graduated (according to Obama) Columbia University, Class of ’83. We were...