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Did we really expect people who openly sought to gain fame and celebrity from killing almost born babies to be nice?
Sorry Jonah, But I see absolutely no difference at al between liberalism and he Democratic Party. Maybe you haven't looked at how they vote. I see the same with Obama and ponder how the GOP failed to tie all Democrats to him and his failures, allowing them to pretend otherwise at election time.
Not unless they happen to still be lock up in a womb.
"The single thing all on the left seen to hate is anyone speaking the truth..." It's quite simple why that is so. Because they seek to control all of us and a famous person once told us that, "The truth will set us free." Which explains their diabolical methods, goal, and why they so hate God.
Why save the nation when saving the Democratic Party comes first?
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Is Thinking Obsolete?

Don7992 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 10:55 AM
It's not thinking Mr. Sowell, for the Godless left never stops thinking or planning how they can abuse and control the masses. Since a very wise man once said "the truth shall set you free" It is the truth that is now obsolete. Ask any politician in either party and they will tell you in a moment of candor, that truth, immutable fixed truth, is the enemy of controlling people. Truth is the enemy of the many "compromises" and deceits they sell their soul with, and it is the enemy of the diabolically inclined. Political correctness merely seeks to stifle truth.
"A stable family unit is the foundation for a stable society and for raising stable children." Which explains why the institutionalized left that wishes to take down a stable and successful nation has reaped massive rewards by using anti-family culture and immorality as weapons, while the co-ruling GOP refuses to stop, or fight, them in that most important arena--as they busily count their 30 pieces of silver.
The IRS and other renegade agencies in this administration need far more than a "wrist slap" David. It is time to renovate America's house starting with the constitution and decimating government's power.
So we continue to slaughter 55 million innocent babies to prevent a political evil?
The GOP's main problem is they are at war with their own social conservative base and their unwillingness to deal with the culture war the left has been using successfully to take apart this society and buy votes via the free lunch and lust is us weapons.
Nice summary. I also wait for science to create pure art (not replicate it) as in a Michelangelo's "David." Science is the horse, man is the driver and God (truth and love) is the destination.
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