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I'm afraid you don't have the slightest understanding of what this chart means. No Republican denies receiving contributions from the Koch's. By the way David Koch is the largest contributor, for the production of "Nova" on PBS and the two brothers make Dixie Cups. Only a democratic could call them evil. But "loisonubertasic" is your brain so scrambled by supposed democratic logic, that's it's impossible for you to see that the democratic party can't hold the Senate without Pryor and Landrieu, whose "Grand Leader" Reid is turning them into hypocite's. I can hardly wait to see those campaign ad's.
Liberals, whose hate is so illogical are perfect examples of people who, when they start talking about shooting others, regardless of the circumstance, should to be forced to have a "psychiatric exam". and should never be allowed to own a gun. These are the people who act on their hate. This is where laws should strengthened
These democratic dumbbells think that they can fool people again. I don't care what change they are calling for, they all voted for this bill, because they were told to by Harry Reid, not because they had read it. Shame on them!
A black mayor subjected to a sting operation, that he grabbed onto. Where's the ACLU, NAACP, Sharpton, Jackson and why aren't Barak and Michelle out fund raising for his defense. Oh ya. Their on vacation.
How can anyone dislike the Koch brothers. David is the largest contributor to "Nova on PBS' and they make Dixie Cups.
Remember in Germany, Hitler made the Jews register their guns. Once the NAZI's knew where the guns were, they came and took them. The rest of the story, we all know.
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6 Arguments Only A Liberal Could Believe

don7968 Wrote: Mar 22, 2014 11:42 PM
Our Dear Leader has proven to all of the head of states and dictators in the world, that he has CHANGED the United States, into a "paper kitten".
She's just being bossy.
I wonder if Reid's going to go to the floor of the Senate and call this couple, liars?
Come on. Grayson doesn't believe in a "war on WOMEN". He is a lawyer and has never, ever said that he was against "war on a WOMAN, his wife".
Why are individuals able to get on "expanded Medicaid" but were never on the old "regular Medicaid"? The test has always been income and assets. The new and great "expanded Medicaid" ignores assets. But both the old and new Medicaid have a provision, passed and signed by Bill Clinton called "Estate Recovery". There must be many people who have a low income but maybe own a house, land or some other form of monetary assets, that are signing up now and for every dollar Medicaid spends on your healthcare, Obama gets it before your heirs. Maybe that's not a problem, but I doubt that many individuals are aware of this.
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