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I have just read another article about MSNBC's ratings. Even "Morning Joe" and Rachel Maddow are at the lowest ebbs in the rating wars. This is an example of why. Comcast can't keep pouring money into this vicious network.
Just think. David Koch is the largest contributor to "NOVA on "PBS" and the two brothers together, Charles and David make Dixie Cups. How evil. All the democratic party has to offer is George Soros who in 1992 brought down the British economy by shorting the pound and was CONVICTED by the French Government for insider trading.
Remember that song "You Say 'Tomato', I say 'Tomato'". Who care if anyone says democratic, democrat, liberal, socialist, socialistic, communist, or communistic party. Take them separately of any combination. Their all the same. It's ultimate control over the population.
Gerrymandering only happens at the state level. I seems that Rep. Lowenthal doesn't have the slightest idea of politics when he said "America is not represented by the people who it really wishes to represent". The state's legislators and governors, gerrymander. The republicans have a congressional advantage more states are republican at the local and state level.
I'm retired from the IRS. Any one with even the least amount of computer knowledge knows that the internal hard drive of a computer is designated as the "C" drive. My CD Rom drive was "D" and my floppy was "A".The only thing on that "C" (the only one that could crash) was the operating system and other functional files for logging onto the network or the mainframe computer interface files for gaining access to taxpayers information. If I sent my manager an email, it was not sent from, saved or received, on my hard drive, it was on an email server. If I wrote a memo or letter in Word, it was "automatically" saved to, I believe the letter was, the "J" drive, which was a network drive that every single computer at the IRS is tied into. There was no option, selection, or ability to save it to my internal "C" drive. Could I copy an email and then delete it from the email server, yes. But the email didn't save to the "C" drive, remember what I just said "There was no option, selection, or ability to save it to my internal "C" drive" it saved to the "J" drive" or network drive, which is backed up a hundred different ways. I want to see the "wording" about what they said their looking for on her "C" drive. All of her information, even memos on hair appointments are on servers and tapes maintained by the IRS.
Your wording on what progressives started "idea that bus and gov should form a partnership. What he created is cronyism and a direct threat to free markets" is what Benito Mussolini created in Italy, fascism. That's the same that Obama is trying to take us to today.
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The Paranoids are Back

don7968 Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 12:09 AM
Sorry Paul. This is that one shoe fits all program that has never and will never work in the United States. The worst part is that the Federal funding gives Obama the right to stick his nose and he will, in every area that, he already hasn't, that only the local community, through the school board decide. Kill this monster.
NRA members know to keep their guns safe if children or grandchildren are around. It's the stupid "women" who would leave their "play toys" around, who would also would be so stupid as to leave a gun around.
When Davis ran for her first election, for city council, in 1996, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram published an editorial criticizing negative campaign tactics. She lost and sued the paper (Case #DC-97-03532, Wendy Davis vs. Star-Telegram Operating, Inc., et al) seeking damages for psychological pain caused by negative news coverage. She lost that suit also. But this is the best the Democratic's have to offer and shows the mental logic that Democratic's use in our political system.
So the "students" taking this course, will take out a student loan and the loan will subsidized by the taxpayers. There won't be one penny put back into the economy, based on a course like this. But the college can raise it's tuition rates.
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