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Comcast owns MSNBC/NBC hook, line and sinker. I believe that I've read that Comcast's management gives more to Democratics then to Republicans, which may explain why they haven't forced a major change since buying all, from General Electric. But, now with the Brian Williams scandal, just the embarrassment and coming loss of income, for what is becoming a laughable news organization,, some top down leadership is needed. They owe it to their stock holders to dump or completely change all of the personal and eliminate the news bias, that has become attached to their name.
Eighty one percent of the states voters approved the ban on gay marriage. Since the the founding of this country "the States" have had the ability to determine if they allow common law marriage or not, brothers or sisters to marry, can first cousins marry or just second cousins and I don't even want to get into fathers-daughters, mother-sons, aunt-uncles and on and on. But a Federal judge can say two men or two women can marry and the State be dam-ed. These Federal judges need to be impeached. The House can impeach them on a majority vote. The Senate may not have the votes to kick them out of office, but this process would bankrupt them and send a message to other judges that want to make or pervert law, given to the states since our founding.
What programs will Obama suggest be cut, to provide the money for this free education, that the REPUBLICAN controlled House and Senate would consider?
I'm sure Obama will be able to show the REPUBLICAN controlled House and Senate what programs he's going to cut to pay for this.
Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado are States, Mayor Bowser and your "District of Columbia" is not. There are specific rules you must follow that are controlled by Congress and at this monment your not getting anything, as long as the Republicans hold power or fillibuster power. Sorry honey.
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When Orangutans Get Lawyers

don7968 Wrote: Jan 06, 2015 12:27 AM
Katie, there is a very simple solution to this. If a case, like this, would ever come to the United States, that would go before a Federal judge and he would grant rights, the Congress on a just a majority vote could impeach him. The vast majority of the American people would agree to get rid of the wacko. The judge in question would have to hire an attorney for the trial in the Senate, where 67 votes are needed to remove him from the beach. If 34 of the Democratic's in the Senate think animals have rights, he keeps his job. So what, the Senate could string this out, just a few months and destroy him financially. Sounds harsh, right? The next wacko Federal judge on "ANY" subject would be more careful to apply an actual Constitional Right on ANY decision.
Sorry. That's a very small number of individuals on welfare
You must be an Obama democratic who puts politics over life. You are a perverted evil monster, on a par with Hitler and Stalin.
Who is Wendy Davis?
Charles, your flat out wrong.
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