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You can't have an embassy without an ambassator. The Republicans must extract something from Obama to approve any nomination.
He doesn't need to be. Maybe he's here on an Obama visa.
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Democrats push to confirm Obama nominees

don7968 Wrote: Dec 13, 2014 6:12 PM
With the Republicans you never know, but if a Supreme Court vacancy occurs, at least our chance of putting another Sotomayor or Kagan on the bench should be limited.
I'd lke to see what really will happen to the left leaning writers who walked out. How many left leaning magazines or web-sites are there, to hire or take on as independent writers, all that left the New Republic? These poeple will not get $15.00 an hour at McDonald's.
Capitalism will take care of Colt. They'll straighten out or another manufactor will buy their name and product's and Colt guns will continue to be sold. That's the beauty of capitalism, if your weak and stupid, your gone. If there's any vaule in dying company it will survive. Think Sears with their Craftsman and Kenmore names. Sears may not be around but those names will.
When I read this I see that guns sales will have to be slowed down by the Federal Government because they can't process all of the requests. Maybe an "executive order" halting sales may occur until the FBI can catch up, three or four years from now.
If the Surpreme Court tells this administration that congress has to change the wording for the Federal Exchange subsidity, as they did in the formular in the Voing Rights Act, and or if congress limits the Obama's vacation funds, executive order funds or other hidden uses, Obama will foam from the mouth. He can veto a budget bill like that, but his hands would be dirty, for the first time, on a government shutdown, without Reid to shield him. Chucky Schumer you and your ilk can embrace government as you ride debt laden Amtrack on your way out of Washington, to your final lifes work.
Then why did your security detail allow a criminal that close to you?
Mr. Elmendorf, head of the CBO is coming up for re-nomatition soon. He must be asked how and why his agency had the wool pulled over it's eyes by Gruber. Don't forget a very large auditing firm was forced out of business because they couldn't answer those questions concerning Enron.
I don't disagree with you. But be prepared that every budget will be vetoed and BO will try to force a government shutdown. I say go for it. But I'm afraid our Republican leaders will be hiding in the janitors closet.
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