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Who Makes the Cut for the Worst Presidents Ever?

Don664 Wrote: Feb 13, 2013 3:51 PM
The democrats hated Nixon from the days he beat a democrat for Congress. They thought he cheated. They would have brought him down even if he'd been a screaming socialist. Democrat hate, once it is there, is visceral and unreasoned

As President Obama prepares his State of the Union Address and the nation looks forward to a Presidents Day holiday, Americans should consider the warning examples of our worst chief executives.

While few of Washington and Lincoln's successors could hope to replicate their epic achievements, every president can — and must — focus on avoiding the appalling ineptitude of John Tyler, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and their feckless fellow travelers on the road to presidential perdition. The common elements that link our least successful leaders teach historical lessons at least as important as the shared traits of the Rushmore Four:...