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Dave Says Hold that Cash

Don664 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 10:32 AM
You don't get it. Live on it while you're making the decisions you have to. Don't squander it, but use if for groceries and minimum living until they have done what they can to consolidate and assure the future. As far as back surgery, it depends. My back surgery was successful. They've made great strides in recent years. Avoid it certainly if you can, but if you can't work, that diminishes your earning power greatly.

Dear Dave,

Recently, my husband had to quit his job due to an old back injury. We have $25,000 in debt, but I’ll be receiving a $38,000 inheritance in a couple of weeks. Should we use the money to pay off our debt, or hold on to it in case he needs surgery?


Dear Kristen,

Now is the time to keep the cash piled high. You’re in the middle of an emergency, and that means you push the pause button on your Total Money Makeover and stop paying extra on debt. Surgery is a possibility at this point, plus...