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Why would you let the TNG have all the fun?
By what? They should be ashamed at their sheep attitude, and you should tell them so. But then, they wouldn't be your friends anymore, would they? Europe is lost.
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Honesty and Trust

Don664 Wrote: Sep 25, 2013 9:10 AM
hehehehehehehehe. Pulled out all the stops! Congrats!
Oh he found them. But he's not going to tell you. He's a committed Communist. Therefore, Stalin can't be wrong. Nor can Obama.
Partly that. But they hear an incessant drum beat that their parents are wrong. Their parents are racists. Their parents are bad. They've heard if for generations. You'd think they'd understand that their parents maybe are the good little socialist automatons they want. Except that Lysenkoism doesn't really work.
Well, that leaves the Christians out. And just about any other religion. None of them are monolithic. There are hundreds of different kinds of Christians, the Muslims squabble among themselves over who should be the Caliph, Jews have at least 3 divisions, and except for the Muslims, they've pretty much quit killing each other over them. BTW, it was Christians who wrote the 1st Amendment. Not atheists. Or pagans. I don't believe in your religion. But I do believe in your religious freedom. And Christianity has nothing like Sharia law.
Except the vast majority of Muslims. Most of them, though they don't exercise it like the jihadists still believe "convert or die or pay tribute (jizya, I think they call it)".
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Minimum Wage Madness

Don664 Wrote: Sep 17, 2013 11:00 AM
There are 13918 MDs in the US. Let's assume they average 20 Employees each. That's 278,360 employees. If the owner distributed his entire salary to them, they'd get $3.59. Per year. They're demanding, if I hear rightly, $15.00 and hour. That's $30,000 a year. That means his $1000000 would only give to 33 employees. Your statement is devoid of meaning.
Easy. Kick both of them out after counseling and relapse. Allowing openly homosexuals is a step backwards. Celibacy isn't an option for a homosexual as far as I know. I know homosexuals, and they are active from the teen years. But the slippery slope is the most scary. Sooner or later, NAMBL will be in the Scouts.
Exactly. And the next election will be ALL mail ballots. I predict a democrat landslide in CO in 2014.
No, they have to be GOOD stories. Stories that tell of the good guys (us) against the bad guys (them). Stories about overcoming adversity in the form of government oppression. We're the rebels. Let's sound like it. Keep Your Powder Dry
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