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Most of them are common-law married if they'd pay attention.
The Republican party has not, nor will it exclude people because of their ethnicity (A Mexican governor of New Mexico) or color (Thomas Sowell isn't black?). Those people largely exclude themselves by buying into that false accusation and the false promise of socialism as sold by the democrats.
I do. I still love them. But they know I think they're wrong, and I'm ready to help them return to normalcy when they're ready. And you're wrong about it being "just is." A significant portion move back and forth between the two (Not bisexuality, but back and forth).
To a certain extent, I agree. But....the TV of today sells sex and violence (fortunately, the violence of bad guys is still met with good guys at least getting them arrested.). When was the last time anyone - including our churches - said sex outside of marriage is wrong? I have grandchildren living in sin, and they scoff at my telling them it's wrong.
That's like saying abstinence won't work. Bull. And he didn't say censor it. He simply pointed out that it is sold like candy. And it's up to all of us to purge ourselves of salaciousness and teach our kids it's wrong.
I agree, religion has been unsuccessful lately. Its effort - in most cases - to be "relevant," instead of hanging on to the eternal truths has harmed organized religion. And the churches that do, are denigrated all the time.
Yet you have preachers who vote for democrats and campaign openly for them from the pulpit. Some morality.
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Late-Talking Children

Don664 Wrote: Sep 16, 2014 9:46 AM
Early talking is no guarantee of success. I talked in complete sentences by the time I was 18 months old. I could read at the age of 4. I'm okay, but I could have been better. I lazed through school and never achieved the kind of success I should have. I was a "late work ethic" learner.
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Cheap Politicians

Don664 Wrote: Sep 10, 2014 3:33 PM
Have to disagree, Dr. Sowell. Politicians spend millions to get those jobs. Nearly all of them leave office a lot richer than when they started. It isn't money that attracts them. It's power. Rich people aren't driven by that. I think they should not be paid more than expenses.
Thomas Sowell gets only an honorable mention? Surely you jest! One of the great minds of this era? I may not read the rest of the list.
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