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You are an idiot and racist. Always bringing in race.
Watching Rome burn while he plays the violin.
The problem is Hispanics have quietly got into positions to change policies, not the law. This is easy to do, we allowed them to take over because we were lazy and didn't want to do the jobs.
It is Mexico's country. Hadn't you heard? We stole it from them.
What is your point? Your grammar is perfect? it's about the content. If you are better, get a job writing.
What are you talking about?
Yep, the stalker would be unable to walk, talk or see. Maybe be found bleeding to death at every joint of his body.
It's a wigger thing.
I am a baby boomer, not poor and am pround of Texas. Nothing was handed to me. I earned everthing I got.
Yea, go to mexico or South America!!!
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