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They are in hiding, the republicians winning scared them.
Obamacare was design for failure so our gov't could step in to take control of the medical field.
Since there was lying, deception and covering up going on. Why can't it get put up for another vote?
How about cut the value in half when buying "brand name" foods.
This not about his military record, but on his lawmaker record which as been dismal to say the least for conservatives.
Once again repubs bending over for obama. Same old same old.....
I know economics, take money from me, give to someone else. THEFT!!!! pure and simple
I have no sympathies to New Yorkers. They should have gone and voted, now they have one of the worst Governers ever.
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SCOTUS To Hear New Obamacare Challenge

Don6266 Wrote: Nov 07, 2014 2:51 PM
Where are the trolls? Been quiet.
The problem they are black enough. ncaap are racists alng with the black demos in Congress. What an insult.
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