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Fill us in, you seem to know it all.
I don't care what satan thinks, he is evil and bent on all of us to be in hell. Jesus Christ is my Savior, he turned my life around. Christians in the Middle East are being murdered and what does Obama do? Lecture us on the Crusades. Obama is working for the muslims.
At least when i die I will be in heaven, I will not deny my God. We are designed by God, can't just poof life with all of this complex cells and genes.Just because you don't believe in evolution doesn't mean you are anti-science. Look at the balence of the earth (gravity, air/oxigen, plants and animals) all designed for us as God intended.
Sure the repubs will.
Obama works for isis not for the USA.
But weewilly he is aiding and abating the enemy. He is telling them how we will go after them.
We have millions of bullets, use them all.
Stupid demos,clinging to the past......
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