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If our business tax laws were fair and lower, they would not have to do that. It's a loop hole your gov't made for them.
So what!!! Who the heck cares? Just another wasted article on idiot blacks who hail thugs as heros.
Think of the holidays that be cancelled and stop the days off.
Sure, that's the reason. Coward
No wonder we can't serious employees to work. Colleges catering to minds of mush. Finals need to go on, no matter what. If the poor babies are upset with the protest, too friggin' bad. Get over it. Life goes on....
Typical lib assumption. She just wants to enslave the Hispanic like she has helped enslaved the Blacks.
Your point? Just don't post quotes.
But he said he wasn't a king.
They are in hiding, the republicians winning scared them.
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