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"God" Dropped From Inaugural Prayer

Don5986 Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 2:50 PM
God has deservedly dropped this nation from His prayers for embracing the agenda of the progressive/demorat/communists controlling Washington DC. Too many clueless, stupid Americans idolize and helped re-elect a muslim LIAR who is systematically destroying our nation and funding/arming islamic extremists determined to massacre anyone who doesn't submit to islam. obama is the greatest threat to this nation's future existence as a free republic.

Does a prayer count if you purposely drop "God" out of a prayer? Yesterday during President Obama's unofficial inauguration ceremony, God was skipped over during a prayer given at the event.

Considering it was Democrats who dropped God from their platform and then booed loudly during the DNC convention when it was put back in, this isn't surprising however, we're in a world of trouble if you can't even say "God" during a prayer to none other than God.


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