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AMEN and it is why the left wants to tear into the Second, so they can dominate without resistance and fear. Give the enemy, yes the left, an inch and they will take it ALL!
We should outlaw them dang automobiles, and swimming pools, a child drowns in one numerous times a year, in fact much more often than one accidentally shoots someone...there are a lot of things that could be outlawed because they are involved in accidental and intentional deaths! Yes GR is a dangerous danged fool, as are all the other leftist that want to tear into our freedoms and the Constitution.
AMEN, again.
Actually I am very sure that is GR that is blind and stupid!
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Jeb Bush Mulling 2016 Presidential Run

Don39 Wrote: Aug 28, 2014 4:08 PM
Only a fool would consider voting for another Bush as the GOP candidate, and only a Bush fool would consider running.
Biden tweets absurdity? Of course, anything the fool tweets is an absurdity! Biden is the political joke of our times. Why does he not just shut up and quit embarrassing his darling granddaughters and the rest of America? Don't his g'daughters have a right to not be embarrassed all their lives by their imbecile g'father's public comments?
The stink of Obama politics is worse than that of a polecat and twice as long lasting, you stink Kay!
Hagan mat be finding out how difficult it is for political prostitutes to select their associates. Like it or not she is a leftist, a member of the leftist Marxist party. She made her bed and must lie in it . Will Tarheels notice or have they been to much corrupted by the left?
Crist may be the most successful open political prostitute of our time. His success says much about the transient voter population of Florida and its political apparatus.
Crist may be the successful open political prostitute of our time.
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