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Just in Time: Another Liberal Who Knows Everything

Don3026 Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 1:56 AM
This sounds like a perfect example of 'civil discourse.' IF you fail to accept our ideas, let us run things, then we will kick the you-know-what out of you and call you names. And some how, some way, all of us conservative types, are racist, terrorists, evil, gun totting idiots, all the while remaining civil in our discourse... I sure hope some day your loyal followers will get the wake up call and realize you are not as correct as you believe you are...

ZealousConscript wrote: As far as the cost of prescription medicine, I would suggest "The $800 Million Dollar Pill" by Merrill Goozner. Pretty damning evidence about how Big Pharma uses government funding to research drugs, then turns around sells them at astronomical cost in order to increase their profit margin.- Don't Let Obama Kill "Pills for Profit"

Dear Comrade Zealous,

Strike one is that Goozner is from Chicago. Strike two is that Goozner was the Chief Economics Correspondent for the Chicago Tribune.

And there is one thing worse than being an economist, and that’s being a journalist. And to sink...

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