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When the Vikings discovered Greenland it was green with various kinds of grasses. They settled there and raised cattle. 500 years later the Earthb started cooling and Greenland became covered with ice and snow!!! Global warming is Al Gores HOAX----it has made him a billionaire!! Earth warms and cools on a 27 year cycle. The last warming year was 1995. The Earth is now cooling so you'd best not lose your longjohns nor overcoat!!!!
Of course Hillary Clinton approves of gay marriages. SHE IS GAY!!!!!!!
Global warming due to CO2 is a hoax. If there was no CO2 there would be NO PLANT life on Earth. The Earth warms and cools on a 27 year cycle. This was proven by extensive ice cores taken in Greenland, which when discovered by the Vikings was actually GREEN due to being covered by Grass. Another fact, the termites on Earth produce 20 times the amount of CO2 produced by everything that man does to produce it.
Four departments of our government have bought and posess over 1BILLION rounds of hollow point ammo. I will not be willing to give up my guns untill all that ammo is buried at sea. Civil unrest??? I'm more concerned about a civil war!!!
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To Hell With Charity? (Part 2 of 2)

Don203 Wrote: Dec 25, 2012 11:09 AM
Obama wants to destroy charity from individuals and put all chartable orgnizations on the "public teat'' so the g0vernment can control them. He is a CONTROL FREAK!!!!
I'm not the least bit interested in the Queen's gardening book and even less in her cook book. What she has been eating has made her butt big enough for 3 women. She doesn't need a face lift: she needs an "butt reduction"!!! She has been seen wolfing down an 1800 calorey burger!!
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Romney Braces For Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy

Don203 Wrote: May 01, 2012 10:49 AM
This campaign for the 2012 election will very dirty. Obama will dig up or make up bad things about those who donate to Romney's campaign fund. For an example: If Newt Gingrich makes a sizable donation, Obama or his cohorts will hurry to remind us that Newt engaged in adultery. We should counter that by reminding people that Obama while as a young drug user in NYC supported himself by being a male prostitute!!
Obama liked partial birth abortions. He,with the help of Pelosi and Reid came up with the BIGGEST abortion of all times. Its called Obamacare. Much of that monstrocity has NOTHING at all to do with health nor health. Its sole purpose was to get control of 16% of our economy and control of our lives from birth to death!!!
Obama is a Muslim who claims he converted to Christainity. But that is just one of his hundreds of LIES. Every decision he has made where Muslims were involved has favored the Muslims. And the more Islamic the better. Egypt is now ruled by radical Islamists. Syria, Iran, and Lybia also are controlled by radicals. Obama has "sold down the river" Isreal our ONLY ally in the mid-east. He has appointed Muslims to many important government positions. Wake up Americans, Obama MUST be a one term President.
Can anybody show me just one thing our government has started that operates with a profit. Almost every enterprize it operates is BROKE e.g. the postal service, Fannie Mae, Fannie Mac. I believe its because politicains control these and are interested only in getting re-elected and rewarding themselves.
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