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I think he had liposuction and they removed his brain!
Blame me if you want also. It will have the same effect as if you blame Obama, or anyone else because the virus will still exist! Get the point?
Blaming anyone serves absolutely no purpose at this time! Every bit of attention needs to be focused on the problem at the moment, not who is to blame. If you need something to blame, blame Ebola.....duh!
The comparison is very similar. Both of them will kill us with no discretion. Ebola needs to be completely eradicated, just as terrorists do. Our government is proving that they fail at both. Shock and awe? The joke is on us!
No, not at all. When the ship's captain is incompetent, it's simply time to mutiny where the crew takes care of the ship. It beats having an incompetent, or no one at all. Obama is going to be on board for a period longer than we have to deal with the situation unless someone throws him overboard, otherwise, we're stuck with him. So, for now, we need to do the best we can do with what we have, and at the same time, try to prove to the government that we don't need them.
There are more important matters at hand than who should be fired and who should receive blame. Bickering while the fire is still burning will only allow more inattention to the most serious conditions that still exist. As long as there are viable Ebola viruses in this country, the focus should be on that 100%! The political garbage should take the back seat until then. We still need Action, not Reaction!!
One thing about this Ebola matter is for certain and that is that it's gone viral!! Sick humor in the literal sense!
Businesses operate in much the same way when they fire staff and hire consultants. This demonstrates to shareholders that they have pared the ranks of personnel while shifting and often increasing costs to a different budget within the corporation. It also relieves the companies from having to expense benefits as well. Obamacare increases the likelyhood of that also.
Would anyone expect anything different? Watch any Senate/House committee inquiry on C span and you will see that they are pros at avoiding straight answers. So, a government official loses his/her job. Watch what happens then. They become consultants and make twice the salary. It's rampant in the military as well.
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