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Obama bin Biden 2012

Don11646 Wrote: May 05, 2012 9:45 PM
The GOP only has the House, which has passed over 30 bills (many to help with jobs), but the Senate under Harry the Democrat has those bills in the trash. The House cannot force the Senate or the President to do anything. Over three years and counting now the Senate has not passed a budget required by law. That's where the Congress is. We must win the White House, the Senate and hold the house in order to get control.

Updated: 5/5/2012- When a U.S. Senator and a sitting governor from your own party won’t say if they support the reelection bid of the incumbent president from their party, well, that’s a political party that is verging into Jimmy Carter territory. Then add in criticism from the publisher of one of the leading liberal websites, and an op-ed from a Democrat US Senate veteran, and decorated war hero, and you are way past Carter territory.    

Party-wise that is.

Carter faced an insurgent bid from Hubert Humphrey progressives in his own party while vying for a second term as president. The result...