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Two Cheers For Glenn Beck, With Some Reservations

Don10821 Wrote: Apr 14, 2012 9:47 AM
Mr. Bowyer criticizes Beck's "depth perception", not that he is wrong. Rather, he, indirectly, admits that Beck is right. Now let me ask, when would you like to know the future? When it hits you in the face, as, apparently, Mr. Bowyer would prefer, or in advance, when there is time to do something about it? It would seem that, on the one hand, Bowyer is a realist, recognizing Beck's accurate identification of events and their results. However, he also seems to like being part of the cocktail circuit that looks down their nose at Beck. "How could his predictions not be happening at this very moment, just as the vortex sucks us down the drain." The sophisticats are sooooo sophisticated.

Glenn Beck’s analyses of the history of authoritarian movements has many people concerned, and justifiably so. Most recently Beck has been laying out the ways in which the progressive movement in the U.S. has been following a three phase strategy to undermine the free-market constitutional order traditional to America.

He has also uncovered ways in which progressivist propaganda on behalf of President Obama taps surreptitiously into language of earlier extremist thought, most notably Stuart Chase’s book,” The Road We Are Traveling,” and his invocation of Political System X. Chase was a Fabian socialist who was influential in the left wing...