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Come on, Sen. Mary Landrieu is a citizen of Washington, DC and, if she loses the election, you can bet she will remain there! Her only tie to Louisiana is her family name. She is like far too many of our elected officials. Now part of the "ruling class" returning "home" only to run for re-election. Surely, Louisianans aren't so dumb, with her 97% support of Obama and his policies, to return her to office. Surely!
I'm a life long conservative Republican - never voted for a Democrat. Could it be, the reasons for Republican losses are an incredible lack of leadership by Priebus and his band of incompetents at the RNC, the miserable failed leadership of Senate and House Establishment Republicans/RINOs/Democrat Lites that have gained control of the Party. Can you name any act of leadership from this crowd that hasn't proven to be a disaster? Neither can I. The bad news for the Country, but good news of these Republican clowns is, the Democrat ideology, "freebies for all their coalition members" may get them elected, but their has no chance for success in the real world, only failure, as so clearly demonstrated by Obozo and crowd.
By the way, isn't Obozo a lawyer? And wasn't his lovely wife also a lawyer until, to avoid disbarment, she "voluntarily" gave up her license to practice law? Isn't the head of the Gestapo, Eric Holder a lawyer? Aren't the majority of the clowns in Congress lawyers, too? Yes, Shakespeare was absolutely "SPOT ON"!
Every day, we get lessons in just how prophetic Shakespeare's line, "First, kill all the lawyers" was! Yet, today, we have far more lawyers than justice. Seeing all these scum bags and their "ambulance chasing" TV ads is polluting the air ways!
While Alexander got 52% of the vote, "flooding the field" is a STUPID way to displace an incumbent, even one as bad as Sen. Lamar Alexander. Tennessee is a strange state. At nearly all levels it is controlled by Republicans. Sadly, all are Democrat Lite, Establishment Republicans, RINOs! That other Tennessee, the little weasel, Sen. Corker, is a perfect match for that weak sister, Alexander. Message to the Tea Party - GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER. Select a candidate and then support him/her to the hilt. The future of our Country is DEPENDENT upon it! While it seems their heart and thinking is in the right place, the Tea Party's strategy has a fatal flaw. Flooding the zone only dilutes any potential effectiveness of the Tea Party's efforts.
If, in the middle of an investigation, a private sector corporation "lost" targeted emails, the company would pay, "big time". IRS lost Lois Lerner's emails? Very doubtful. Indeed, a computer forensics analyst can find the "lost emails", unless the hardware was also, "mysteriously" destroyed. There are a whole lot of people complicit in the IRS scandal. It starts in the White House and most certainly includes all the Obama political appointees. This MUST NOT GO UNPUNISHED!
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Seattle council passes $15 minimum wage

Don10821 Wrote: Jun 03, 2014 2:55 PM
Seattle couldn't be a better place to demonstrate the lunacy of voodo economics. The flood of young, inexperienced, public and Harvard educated socialists who populate the city and have polluted its rationality will learn that reality can BITE! I will be fun to watch.
The lawless Obama administration is violating the law, again, as usual. All the agencies in the Obama administration are completely out-of-control. The VA is just the latest, but not the last to be exposed! ICE and its parent agency, Homeland Security, are DISASTERS. Homeland Security was the melding together of a number of ineffective, inefficient agencies into one, great big, even more unmanageable agency. Obama has proven he is incapable of running a one car funeral, much less our mammoth federal government. Obama has also demonstrated, conclusively, he has no hiring skills, either. What a disaster the foolish, unaware, liberal, "good intended" voters have wrought! Imagine the stupidity of re-electing this incompetent!
Had the story been entitled: "Americans disturbingly ignorant about anything", it would have been more complete! Ignorance is in growing supply. How else might Obama have gotten elected?
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Ten Biggest Lies of the Showdown

Don10821 Wrote: Oct 18, 2013 10:05 AM
You can NEVER win if you don't fight! Boehner and McConnell would far rather roll over and play dead than fight - losers, BOTH! However, we did learn who the emerging leaders of the Republican Party are: Cruz and Lee. Rubio (Mr. Amnesty) and Paul (behaving too much like McConnell, lately) are running to catch up. The American public is far more aligned with Cruz and Lee than Obama, Reid and Pelosi on the issues that will spell disaster or success for our Country. Social issues will be debated ad nauseum, but fiscal issues will determine our success or failure as a Country. The current "spend ourselves rich" strategy will have disastrous results if not stopped NOW!
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