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Then quit playing politics with kids health, hypocrite Ms. Obama.
If he , Obama, wasn't so arrogant I'd think this would be embarrassing, but because of his self imposed superiority, it doesn't seem to phase him at all.
......and how many more liberals. Harry Reid used campaign money, 30,000 +, to buy his grandaughter jewelry and other stuff and when caught said he intended to pay it back and then everything was fine. No more mention of it as far as I have heard or seen. Of course the main stream media most likely didn't mention it at all. But then he's on the right, or rather left, side.
Do you have a reason or is this just a sheep-ish thing for you to do?
You don't get it do you? There was no hatred in his comment and if the likes of you would open your eyes the blacks could have a lot better life than they are having now and a lot more pride than they have by keeping them enslaved to the government.
Why does everyone get so excited about this? He's right. Keep them on welfare and uneducated, right? Does anyone see the politicians or certain so called preachers trying to help them rise up? I don't see it. Keep them ignorant and tell them it's for their own good to kill their babies and keep them controlled. Just as long as they get their vote.
But you can't keep his mouth shut about things that should not be part creative writing.
What is the percentage of extremely liberal college professors? About 95 %. Our kids will get a liberal education if they go to college and they're getting it in many, many high schools and even grade schools. They start 'em young. That's the way it works best. Just look at other countries in the past. Read "What the Left Did Last Week" by Dennis Prager and see what's going on in our country now.
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From Greatness to Whiteness

dolo Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 12:00 PM
Who was waiting in the wings to found this country. I haven't heard of them.
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Jane Fonda, Sex Guru for Teenagers?

dolo Wrote: Mar 07, 2014 6:18 PM
Why don't you look up just what Ms Fonda did and since has reacted to challenges about it. She had to apologize to promote her agenda. She was, and as far as I'm concerned, still is a traitor. What if one of your family had been over there fighting or being tortured and probably dying in some concentration camp? What if it was your brother or son in that situation and she's over there laughing and having a grand old time with the enemy and propagandizing against the country they are fighting for? Not so easy to forgive and don't think it's an urban myth. I was here at the time and remember well and don't think the liberal media would let this out about their sweetheart if it weren't true. And at that time we didn't have a conservative news viewpoint.
because we are too dumb to figure it out ourselves, right Michelle?
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