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Cancelling the Redskin trademark is the way Facist do. Follow my orders of you get punished.Maybe our government as it seems to want to be, will make him sell the team, you know, like the NBA head did to Sterling. This is exactly the way things were done in Germany before WWII. It started small and quickly got worse. We are headed in that direction. Many things in our daily lives are being policed and CORRECTED. One would think there would be much, much more important things to attend to. This is all made up rage anyway. If one would bother to look they would find Redskins is in no way a slur.
Do you really think there's any comparison to Nixon and this bunch of liars? or to just Obama for that matter?
The scandalous liberals are like thugs. They have a convenient excuse all the time and they seem to get by with it for awhile. Even tho' everybody knows it's a lie what are they going to do about it. Let's hope eventually all these liars and cheaters will get there comeuppance.
But they can't have what everybody else wants if they are deviant. I don't dislike them. I have several gay friends. I don't have to agree with their lifestyle to get along with them, but I also don't want to be forced to accept their lifestyle and pretend it's normal. When I'm around them I'd just as soon not discuss their love life. There's other things to talk about.
Who did what?
Does anyone believe why he did this? He is a traitor to this country and he wants us put down. He has practically said it. He doesn't like America. All the evidence that the main stream media has tried to hide and pretend is a lie is true. The church he went for 20 years with the anti- American preacher, the friends and cohorts he had, and has, his refusal to show any personal stuff to the American people. All this stuff does mean something, it's not just hype. Why has and still does the media refuse to realize how dangerous this man is.
So... 3 walked out. Good for them. The rest stayed and probably heard a good speech. I'm so proud of the ones that walked out, like a bunch of bratty snots.
Then quit playing politics with kids health, hypocrite Ms. Obama.
If he , Obama, wasn't so arrogant I'd think this would be embarrassing, but because of his self imposed superiority, it doesn't seem to phase him at all.
......and how many more liberals. Harry Reid used campaign money, 30,000 +, to buy his grandaughter jewelry and other stuff and when caught said he intended to pay it back and then everything was fine. No more mention of it as far as I have heard or seen. Of course the main stream media most likely didn't mention it at all. But then he's on the right, or rather left, side.
Do you have a reason or is this just a sheep-ish thing for you to do?
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