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20 Things Liberalism Is….

dolo Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 12:15 PM
or # 13 "lecturing other people on doing things "for the children" while" encouraging any one who "feels" like it to abort them.
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Who Are the Cowards Now?

dolo Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 9:48 AM
Be careful what you believe by what you see on you tube or hear from the media. Much of it is propaganda.
I'm sure D'Souza needs this community rehabilitation. He's such a loser, right? Not even a little bit. What a political hack job.
Wasn't that Harry Reid. He spent campaign money , and quite a bit of it, for presents for his grandaughter and was caught but the poor misguided man returned the money, or so he says, so no more was said. What a bunch of hypocrites, but why not . They have no ethics and they get away with everything they do crooked and walk away sneering.
Do you think they get real meat and edible vegetables and fruit? Not that I've seen. And I worked in a school cafeteria. They get stuff like pizza rolls and other high carb food that has very little nutritional value and pretty bad tasting fruits and veggies. Maybe a whole grain cookie will do them some good. Nutritionists are like psychologists, they get lost in the quagmire of their position.
That is a good one that I've never heard before. And it is quite apropos.
How would you know that JWJ?
............and then they have to raise the minimum wage again. It just doesn't work.
If only more would speak out like this ambassador and if the MSM would report it. How can these so called reporters work for the people that support Hammas. They must really relish their jobs to prostitute themselves like that or else they too are against Israel and for Palestine.
I don't think the women have any rights either. Women and children over there are expendable.
But they have to be elected and as much as I think some of these people would be good I don't think they would get the vote. One thing, we have to give up stuff to recover and are most people willing to sacrifice?
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