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Dollysboy Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 6:52 PM
The Republican establishment is so furious with Akin because he has made it impossible, OK, difficult, for them to maintain the fiction that they oppose abortion in each and every case without exception--exactly as stated in the platform. The saner elements of the Republican money men want to keep that plank in the platform while winking at their own kind, rather than the Akin style wingnuts, to assure them they don't really mean it. Sometimes, abortion is OK. It is called moral or ethical relativism, which all rational humans accept, and Republicans pretend to oppose.
Corbett_ Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 7:57 PM

Where do we draw the line? If it is OK to kill unborn babies, why is infanticide wrong? And if infanticide is OK, why is it wrong to kill the elderly when they are no longer "convenient"? Or perhaps the retarded? Surely there is nothing wrong with ridding the world of them. And maybe we can pick out a race of people we can do without. And what if society decides they can do without YOU?

After all, once you have said that society doesn't value human life, it is only a matter of choice that we keep anyone around. That's what it means to be "pro-choice".

That's where moral relativism leads.
Mother of 4 -- the original Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 8:03 PM
The absolute sanctity of innocent human life is the only possible foundation for a consistent system of ethics.

To declare that some human beings are, somehow, not actually human is to declare that rights are not inherent to humanity but conditional based how human someone may or may not be.

There is a long and bloody history to show us what happens when a society decides that some human beings aren't fully human.
jkash1776 Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 11:14 PM
Mother of 4, the majority of America is wholly unconscious of these facts. The only way that we have the right to voice this and wake them up, is to overthrow the death culture in the White House. THAT was to have been accomplished through focusing on a topic everyone WAS conscious of, economy. It ought not have been hard for Akin to have deflected a moral question and focus on the economy, but he had to sanctimoniously display his moral superiority, to grandstand. I am a staunch pro lifer but one of the first things you learn is to pick your moments or be dismissed as a fanatic.
Mother of 4 -- the original Wrote: Aug 24, 2012 11:37 PM
There is never a wrong moment for speaking truth.
jkash1776 Wrote: Aug 25, 2012 12:18 AM
Oh yes there is. When one moment will allow you to make one comment and upon that comment will rest your opportunity to get future moments to speak truth...or to never have a moment again.

A window is open to bring voters to an election that is only important to them for the economy.

If they are given a message that is not only NOT important to them, but will cause them to let another have their vote, no more windows are opened...and babies die and America dies.

If you cannot see how elections are political strategy to gain moral strength you contribute to America's death, and Roe v Wade's continued reign.

Prediction: If the GOP establishment doesn't follow Republican Rep. Todd Akin's example with a big, fat apology -- to Akin -- the whole party goes down in flames come November.

I don't mean every Republican will lose, but there is great political peril in not sealing the hole in Republican armor that has opened in Missouri and instead permitting it to remain a Democratic pressure point. Further, "for the good of the country" (the mantra accompanying the partywide chorus of pleas to Akin to drop out of his U.S. Senate race), Republicans must resume funding Akin's viable campaign ASAP, after cutting it...