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I Hope This Is The Last Column I Ever Have To Write About Bronco Bamma

Dollysboy Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 8:35 PM
Poor Dougie. Wait till he finds out that the only reason people read his stuff is because he can express their own hatred and contempt for a black President without most of the spittle and drool that they produce when they think about things like a sexy black woman in the White House.
Neal57 Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 12:25 PM
Firstly, Bronco Bamma is a pseudo black who has fooled and beguiled the black racists and the guilt ridden self effacing liberals of all stripes. He is actually more arab than anything; or does that matter? Nope we want him out because his goal as a foreign agent is to destroy the American republic even were he to be green with a yellow stripe down his dorsal area. Have you seen Dinesh D'Souza's film essay lately in the local movie houses entitled, 2016? That ball of scholarly research explains it all eloquently.
RayTheAnarchoCapitalist Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 9:31 PM
Mia Love is going to the White House?
Ress Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 9:26 PM
That ain't Halle Berry in the White House.
Hockey Mom Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 9:13 PM
Even as a woman I can imagine a sexy black woman in the white house. MOOCHelle Obama isn't even close. Deneen Borelli would be a perfect fit if only her husband were running for POTUS.
Doug5049 Wrote: Nov 04, 2012 8:54 PM
We oppose his disastrous policies; we don't care what he looks like.
This past week a YouTube video of a crying four-year-old little girl named Abigail went viral. In the video Abby’s mom asks her why she’s so sad. Abigail replies through a steady stream of tears and mucus that she’s “tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney.” Well, little sister, I feel your pain. Now, mind you, I’m not tired of Romney and Ryan, but good Lord … and believe me when I tell you … I’m pig sick of Bronco Bamma.

Yep, I’m beyond ready for this ignoble thing called the Obama presidency to be officially finito. These...

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