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I assume you are a Catholic then. If there was a god I would thank him I'm neither.
Second of all, the only way you can doubt whether Bishop Robinson is a Christian is if you have your own personal definition of Christian. I believe that is the sin of presumption.
Dear Hope It is difficult to take someone seriously who makes a demonstrably untrue statement. Even you must be aware that God IS mocked all the time. So say something that isn't foolish.
Remind me again why those stupid Hispanics don't vote Republican.
Michelle Malkin's columns are annoying in that they make no sense at all. But I adore her. I thank her god for her every time she twists her mouth into that contortion of hate on Hannity and I love it when she writes columns like this that do their bit in assuring that Republicans will be a long time getting their act together. Bless her twisted little heart.
I believe that is what the Cheyenne and the Paiutes and the Iroquois and etc. thought. And by golly, were they right?
Absolute, irrational, paranoid rubbish!
What a pathetically twisted position. The Boston Marathon bombers (one was and one is) horribly vicious human beings who it would be comfortable to consider sub-human. They weren't and aren't. They were quite demonstrably human. Only humans prey on their own species for ideological reasons. Just as we Americans did in Iraq and Vietnam and etc. and are continuing to do in Afghanistan.
Oh my. I guess the churches, temples and synagogues are safe.
God was where he has always been. Tucked away in the imaginations of millions of fools.
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