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The 7 Most Trivial Campaign Issues That Obama Has Embraced

Dogs for Romney_TX Chair Wrote: Oct 19, 2012 9:55 PM
John, you forgot the "Romney bullied a gay kid in prep school" theme. One of my Leftie Lib former high school classmates trotted THAT chestnut out last night on Facebook.
badgerpat Wrote: Oct 20, 2012 12:03 AM
Somehow, I think "Obama has been a horrendous, abysmal failure for the past four years" is going to mean more to the majority of voters.

"You’ve seen, as middle-income people in this country, incomes go down $4,300 a family, even as gasoline prices have gone up $2,000. Health insurance premiums, up $2,500. Food prices up. Utility prices up. The middle-income families in America have been crushed over the last four years." -- Mitt Romney

"We don’t have to settle for what we’re going through. We don’t have to settle for gasoline at four bucks. We don’t have to settle for unemployment at a chronically high level. We don’t have to settle for 47 million people on food stamps. We don’t have to settle for...