In response to: 'The GOP Wants to Take Women Back to the Back Alley'

Dogs for Romney_TX Chair Wrote: Sep 02, 2012 8:57 AM
I, too am an "average suburban mom who remembers what it was like before safe and legal abortion". There weren't NEARLY so many STD's. Promiscuity among high schoolers (and even middle schoolers) was not "cool and trendy". It was frowned upon. Girls could actually INSIST that a dude keep his hands to himself and have society back her up. Now a 16 year old who is still a virgin is viewed with pity and ridicule. Dudes weren't quite so inclined to treat girls a tissue paper to be used and discarded. It's pretty disgusting to me to suggest that abortion on demand brought about any change in our lives other than to turn young women into self absorbed, mindless, selfish Katy Perry sex toys.

This is getting ridiculous.

First, the DNC turns into a giant pro-choice rally. Now, is out with a disgusting, fear-mongering attack ad about how the GOP will take women back to the era of back-alley abortions. Not only is it utterly offensive and completely off-point from voters' concerns, it conflates Mitt Romney's personal position on the issue with the GOP platform, so it's misleading, too. 

Nevermind the moral debate about abortion -- although you can find a great perspective on the pro-life cause here --...