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Birth control or no, what is needed is the concept that if one can't deal with the contingency of having a child, then one shouldn't be having sex.
REALLY? Ryanator? The British tried failed miserably. In fact they found, not only that abortions INCREASED, but that many women were using abortion AS birth control. Likewise for Spain... So who's a "drooling idiot"?
Oh yes. When I was pregnant, that's when I first figured out what heartburn WAS.
Isn't she the wrestler?
You're probably right, but so many of these trolls sound alike.
I mean seriously? Do the Libs think we're too STUPID to set personal boundaries and think of how our choices affect our long term goals?
We can only hope so, but there are a lot of stupid people who vote with their lady parts. And yes, brimley, I was at Chick-Fil-A. Unfortunately, they've been bullied into making nebulous, contradictory statements trying to "clarify" their charitable giving.
They don't.
Sadly, a lot of women in college buy into this because they feel that if they DON'T give commitment free sex to a guy after the second date, he will move on to someone who will. Since there are so many women who will, no one holds the guys accountable or makes them behave themselves. The guys have no incentive to "keep their pants zipped". Then the women end up hating themselves and repeating the cycle.
Oh the Ledbetter Act...which if you take the time to look at it is nothing more than a trial lawyer's wet dream with a binder full of unintended consequences for businesses already struggling under piles of regulatory red tape.....:--) Nice try.
John, you forgot the "Romney bullied a gay kid in prep school" theme. One of my Leftie Lib former high school classmates trotted THAT chestnut out last night on Facebook.
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