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When you're the king of America, maybe you can make that happen, should a candidate named Osama Ben Ghazi ever runs.
They were handicapped people, okay? And it wasn't allowed. O-kay?
They were trying to move handicapped voters--who had been waiting for hours, forward in the line. They weren't allowed to. Nuff said. Move along, there's no story here.
Man, you are LOUSY at math. None of those things equals the other at ALL.
Then explain why Mitt Romney hasn't paid his taxes and keeps his money in offshore banks.
And the difference between "news" and "propaganda."
How drunk were you when you tried to spell "socialist?"
Stole the 2008 election? LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Wow! Bitter and insane much?
Sociopaths are people who have no conscience. That sounds more like Romney/Ryan--who have been caught in their lies (Ask GM or Chrysler about it.) and still continue the lying. You don't save America by voting for a man who won't even keep his money in a US bank.
You're very high strung, aren't you? You should calm down and cut back on the caffeine. And the Fox News viewing. It's making you crazy.
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