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Obamacare Affirmed: The Aftermath

DoctorRoy Wrote: Jun 30, 2012 7:58 AM
Well these guys have already guaranteed the perpetuation of the status quo with Citizens United. That was the important decision for the Corporatists. Everything else is merely window dressing.

It has been a remarkable and consequential 24 hours.  Over the last day, the American political landscape has -- in both the long and short term -- shifted considerably.  The president's signature legislative "achievement" has been Constitutionally affirmed by a slim majority of the United States Supreme Court.  The president momentarily celebrated his victory, even as many of his down-ballot Democratic compadres ducked and covered.  The conservative movement has been set ablaze over an issue that largely fueled its historic triumph in 2010.  And a series of watershed legal precedents have been established.  Let's begin by examining the long...