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Defining Hillary Down

DoctorRoy Wrote: 21 hours ago (12:16 PM)
I don't know about that. Hillary's a snake but she's a pretty smart snake. Carly Fiorino couldn't run Hewlett-Packard. Palin? Well I could comment on that but then you guys would accuse me of Palin Derangement Syndrome so I'll just let it go. Let's just say I don't think Hillary is too worried about Sarah.
Well if he wants the administrations position to be argued in front of the SCOTUS he better be. In July 2013, the Supreme Court said it had updated the official Rules of the Court to make it clear that only attorneys are allowed to argue cases. “Oral arguments may be presented only by members of the Bar of this Court,” says Rule 28.8. Exceptions can be made for other attorneys under another rule to argue pro hac vice (which means in Latin “for this occasion”).
He's not an attorney.
You are missing the big picture, Flood.
Well Brando was good in that but I thought Clift was better. I thought the Kurtz speech was pretty nuanced and subtle. You have to remember he was supposed to be insane. Now if we are talking over the top performances this one probably takes the cake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DMDscGOUpg
One of the best anti-war songs ever written. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqprkIfJgu4
Well I think the Martin Sheen character bought into the Kurtz is insane thing when he started on his mission but comes to the realization that he's not. Kilgore? He just wanted to surf and Charlie don't surf.
Oh come on right war propaganda has a rich, varied and long history. You are saying the US is the only country that has never participated in it? Ok so you don't like Zinn. What about Cheney and Nugent? How did they get to be patriots? Btw this might be the best scene about war that was ever filmed and there isn't even a shot fired in it. Brando at his best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxLFdJLSho8
Well my opinion isn't going to be too popular on either side of the aisle but here it is. Chris Kyle was just doing what he was trained to do. The military has to have guys like that. Talented, unquestioning and ruthless to be blunt. So I have no problem with Chris Kyle. But I think he's being used to further an agenda. Anytime you see a movie like this you can bet there will be another war coming down the pike. This is the first salvo in the preparation of the American people for the next one. And anyone who questions it will immediately be dismissed as unpatriotic at best and a communist at worst. Ask yourself why draft dodgers like Richard Cheney and Ted Nugent can be exalted as great patriots while someone like Howard Zinn, who actually volunteered for military service during WWII and and went on numerous bombing missions, was vilified because he dared to question it. Zinn didn't toe the company line that's why.
Look up the scientific method and peer review and all that jazz to see how progress is made in science, Mud. And why it can't be applied to the question of whether or not there is a God.
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