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Well nobody likes the boss looking over their shoulder constantly while they work. Especially that boss.
Well let's just say that is what I suspect, Eric.
I think what they are saying is that they already have the power. The meetings are to discuss how to keep it.
Plus you have Jerry Jones roaming the sidelines at home.
The JFK assassination always bothered me when I was a kid even though I was only three when it happened and don't remember it. Jack Ruby's reason for killing Oswald never made much sense to me.
The Rams are favored by six, Kirk.
That's a tough one, Eric. The Cowboys seem to be better on the road this year. But I'd say this one will hinge on DeMarco Murray. If the Colts can't contain him it's going to be a long day for them.
No the Vikings are getting 4.5 points Kirk.
Giants over the Rams. Minnesota + 4.5
Well Edelman is out today but I'd be shocked if that made too much of a difference. So my upset pick of the day is going to be the Giants over the Rams. The last time a team didn't allow a touchdown for four straight games was in 2000. So although the Rams defense is a good one I think Eli and Beckham pick them apart today and the Ram offense does its usual-which is not enough.
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