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The Foreign Policy of the Three Stooges

DoctorRoy Wrote: 4 hours ago (11:53 PM)
Not one of his better comments. He sounds like Donald Rumsfeld.
Aren't North Africans like Egyptians considered Caucasian?
Well Earl I remember Jimmy Carter but I'm afraid you'll have to talk to Pamela to get any first hand perspective on Woodrow Wilson.
Hawking defined it as imaginary time which isn't imaginary in the normal sense of the word but a mathematical concept.
Well it's kind of a subtle argument but from what I understand when physicists tried to measure the net energy of the universe they had to take into account potential gravitational energy. For technical reasons this potential gravitational energy has to be put into the negative column. After they did the calculations they found that all the numbers cancelled exactly and left our universe with zero net energy. And something with zero net energy can be created, literally, from nothing. Also I've been drinking.
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"I’d Drive His Bus if He Asked Me"

DoctorRoy Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 7:51 PM
Naw he's called me everything but a white man already.He might be getting soft though with the move to the left coast. Time will tell I guess.
"I believe in Spinoza's God. One who manifests himself in the beauty and harmony of nature but does not concern Himself with the affairs of mortal men". Albert Einstein.
Naw Beavis I rejected Marxism a long time ago. I have more of an Anarchist bent than anything. I also reject organized religion but not spirituality. I fight authority, authority always will, you know.
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