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Well either The Pope is infallible or he isn't. Make up your mind will ya?
Well you are assuming that the company will pass on all the savings of cheap labor on to the consumer. I don't know about you but I haven't noticed much savings on goods made in sweatshops overseas or in the US for that matter. I mean Nike is non union and pays their employees peanuts but have you priced a pair of their tennis shoes lately?
"The liberty of man consists solely in this, that he obeys the laws of nature because he has himself recognized them as such, and not because they have been imposed upon him externally by any foreign will whatsoever, human or divine, collective or individual." Mikhail Bakunin
Well I take back my previous comment above. I'll give you half a point for this one.
That statement is probably the only thing you'll get right all day.
I'm all natural, man.
They probably don't care one way or the other.
The Labor movement rejected "the dictatorship of the proletariat" ever since Mikhail Bakunin was expelled from the First International by Karl Marx for opposing it.
The important role of union organizations must be admitted: their object is the representation of the various categories of workers, their lawful collaboration in the economic advance of society, and the development of the sense of their responsibility for the realization of the common good." -- Pope Paul VI.
Tell that to Lech Welesa.
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