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I agree, there was nothing new or notable about Thomasson's repetition of leftwing garbage.
Thomasson. A "noted journalist". A leftwing propagandist, like Dana Mudbank, EJ Dionne, Krugman, et al. The GOP's job is to stop Obamunism . They have done a middling job of it, far from perfect. They should shut down the government until Obama learns some manners.and starts following the laws. No debt ceiling increase. If liberals don't like it, good. The more that liberals are foaming at the mouth, the more we know we're on the right track.
Superlative in every way. A little chest thumping is good for the soul. My only quibble is with the term conservative. I prefer libertarian. "Conservative" to me indicates warmonger and bible thumper. Tea Party people are not into nation building or military interventionism. Nor do they see a political party as the way to stop the social rot of socialism. Shut off the money to Washington, and the social issues solve themselves. . Shut off the money to Washington, and we no longer can engage in foreign military adventures. And those are two more big reasons why establishment Republicans hate us.
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Can We Save the Soul of the GOP?

doctorfixit Wrote: Feb 23, 2014 12:12 AM
The concept of a soul is antithetical to politics. Politics is profane, a soul is spiritual. I do not believe the GOP is capable of reform. The eastern establishment which controls the party is part of the sane ruling class that own the Democrats. The GOP must be superseded and replaced by a new party The new party will not discuss social issues. They are none of the government's business. The new party will not include those who support perpetual foreign military interventionism. The focus of the new party will be to cut taxes, to stop spending, to stop borrowing, and to shrink government.
I don't want God for President. If Obama simply shut up and stayed the golf course I would be very happy.
He isn't even a real President. He isn't a real anything. He's a nothingburger.
Barack Obama has performed a public service by proving with every action that we have an illegitimate political system and an illegitimate government. He has brought out into the open the irreconcilable differences that must lead to splitting the country between the totalitarian socialists and Free Americans. The split will not be by political party - I'll bet more than half of Republicans will go to the totalitarian socialist side. The split will not be by states, it will be by regions and communities. It does not have to be violent, it does not require a 2nd Civil War. But it needs to happen, and Barack Obama is proof that it needs to happen.
Muslims killing each other is not a problem for me. We should help get the remaining Christians out.
Obama's whole crew should be in jail cells. Multiple crimes.
I agree , the GOP has to go. It's a sham party that exists only to provide the illusion of choice. You would probably feel much more comfortable with Democrats.
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